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ShowUp Pass NFT + Ultra Taiwan NFT Ticket
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ShowUp Pass NFT is an premium membership card for event-holic who can get privilege, airdrop, free-mint, discount, fast-pass or souvenirs for special/exclusive events. We release the NFT Pass card will be released irregularly keeping them rare and worth to collect. The initial amount ShowUp will be bundled with our first event's ticket, and then gradually release along with more and more incoming activities. Our team will serve ShowUp HODLer earn more benefits, snap up tickets and win more NFT tickets to events. Wish you show up in every event.

ShowUp Pass NFT是建立給活動參與者的高級會員卡,持有者未來有機會可以獲得特殊賦能、空投、免費票、折扣、活動快速通行或特殊/獨家活動的紀念品。 我們的ShowUp NFT 將不定期發佈,能夠保持稀有性且值得收藏。 ShowUp NFT的初始價格將與我們第一次的活動門票成為一個綁定的套裝販售,後面隨著越來越多活動加入才逐漸釋放更多的ShowUp NFT。我們的團隊將為ShowUp Holder服務,賺取更多福利,爭取更多活動門票。希望每個活動都有你出現。


ShowUp Pass NFT1張
Ultra Taiwan 2023 VIP NFT票1張(價值6,600台幣)
入場後Ultra Taiwan 2023 紀念NFT票根1張


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